Mehek of Lawrenceville is a place hard to miss for someone planning to host a memorable event. From business gathering to wedding receptions and birthdays, everything is one of its kind at the Mehek. At Mehek, people not just in organizing an event, but creating moments that the guests would love to remember.
Equipped with high-class amenities and services, the team at Mehek have the skills and experience to make your event a lovely commission. Delivering a promise of exceptional services, Mehek banquet hall successfully match all demands as well as suit the client's budgets.

What's on our specialty platter?
The banquets are customizable to meet the requirements and redecorated to match the theme. The halls are ably designed to accommodate a variety of crowd in its premises. With options for indoor and outdoor venues, Mehek has proven itself on multiple occasions.
The event organization team at Mehek is well trained to manage any kind of event and meet their needs. Events like theme parties, wedding receptions, business conferences or whatever maybe the occasion, Mehek banquets would always surprise your guests.Apart from their skills in decor and organization, the culinary team of the Mehek banquets is exceptional. Proud of their specialty in authentic Indian menu, the Chefs are well trained to serve savoring flavors from around the world.

Mehek Buffet

Weddings At Mehek
Wedding and related ceremonies are important events for families and Mehek believes in making these events a wonderful memory and be a part of your happiness. The indoor and outdoor venues are perfect to create a festive environment to celebrate the joining of families.

Wedding Banquet Hall

Birthdays Celebrations and parties are fun at Mehek
Celebrating birthdays and occasions like promotions or event of importance carry an emotional as well as physical connection to a person. Hosting an event that celebrates that incident is a sincere job, and at Mehek we believe that every moment is valuable and thus we are committed to help you add wonders to those memories and be a loveable part of your celebration.


Add Sparks To Business Conferences and office parties With Mehek
Business gatherings for an organization are an extremely important affair. If you are looking for a venue to host an event, there might be nothing better than Mehek. Combined with the managerial skills of our trained staff and amenities we believe in showcasing our best. Be it a casual celebration or a sincere event, we can deliver the best you can ask for.

Business Conferences

Book Our Party Hall To Make Your Event Memorable!
At Mehek you wouldn't just host an event, but you would take back with you happiness, memories and an experience at its best. We are located at a prime location that also an added advantage for your guests. Call us or visit us to book our party hall today!

Dining Tables

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